Sunday, November 2, 2008

How To Kill Bed Bugs

So you are here because you want to learn how to kill bed bugs. While there are many ways to do this, but mostly every blog out there that has some good information, and not trying to sell their own product, will tell you that you need to get a professional exterminator. While this is very true in most cases, but if you only have a minor bed bug problem, and it’s not a major infestation, then you may want to save your money and try a couple of do it yourself tricks on how to kill bed bugs.

One thing that is very important, is that you need to know bed bugs cannot live very long if the heat is above 120 degrees, this is also very true for bed bug eggs, they will not survive at 120 degrees or more, they will almost die instantly. Bed bugs and their eggs, can also be killed by extreme cold, 32 degrees will kill them, but the problem with this is it could take days, as they can withstand cold a lot longer than they can heat. Here I will show you 5 different ways that you can kill bed bugs, without buying any pesticides or hiring a professional exterminator to come out and drain your pockets of money. So with that being said I will go over 5 different ways on how to kill bed bugs.

1. Steam Cleaning – While a normal vacuum will work decent, if some of the little pests are hiding their eggs in the carpet. But no type of vacuum can compare to a steam clean, some of the places that you are going to want to steam clean would be the carpet that’s surrounding the bed, or the place that you notice the bugs are at, or suspect where they may be hiding at. It would also be good to steam clean your mattress once a month, this will ensure that any bed bugs that are hiding out there will be dead in a matter of seconds after they are exposed to the hot steam.

2. Iron – If you don’t have access to, or can’t afford to have a steam clean, an iron is another option. You will want to set the iron onto the steam setting, and you will want to have it as high as it will go. Be sure to hit all of the cracks and crevices that are on the mattress, being that this is where bed bugs like to hide, and also keep their eggs at. If you are ironing the mattress make sure to go in quick motions, giving the bed bugs less chance of escape, iron everything, especially the pillows.

3. Hair Dryer – This is good for hitting spots that the steam cleaner or the iron cannot get to. Remember, bed bugs just don’t hide inside mattresses, they hide everywhere and anywhere that they can. They are not that mobile, and will usually be no more than 20 feet away from you. So grab yourself a hairdryer, and again, set it to the hottest setting possible, and go over any spot where you think that they may be hiding. Hit every outlet, take of the outlet plate and blow dry that too, any night stand or table that may be around your bed, if you have blinds make sure to hit them too, any crack or crevice on the window sill. If you have a popcorn ceiling, be sure that you pay special attention to the corners of the wall, look for any little black spots that you may find, and if you find them, blow them with the hair dryer as long as you want. If I suspect a spot where there are bed bug eggs I will keep the hair dryer on that spot for a couple of minutes to ensure that they have no chance of survival what so ever. This is a war on bugs and you cannot let them win.

4. Wash Sheets In Hot Water – This step should be done prior to any effort in killing bed bugs. Whenever you are planning on mass extermination you want to make sure that you wash all of your sheets in hot water, water that is at least 120 degrees. If you have laundry baskets in the sleeping room where you suspect might have bed bugs, make sure you wash all of those clothes in hot water, as they can hide out there also, the hot water will ensure their death.

5. Tropical Weather – If you have furniture that you think might be infested, or even a mattress and you live in a tropical climate, you can use this against them to rid your furniture of bed bugs. You will have to wrap up the furniture or mattress in a large black trash bag, or anything else that would keep heat contained, and leave it out in the hot sun for a couple of days, if you do this, you will kill any bed bug or egg that is in the furniture.

These are not the only ways on how to kill bed bugs, but they are very effective and they are cheap alternatives to calling out pest control, or using excessive flea bombs or similar products that claim to kill bed bugs. While using all of the methods above is not a sure way to kill all bed bugs, they are some efficient ways to get rid of bed bugs, and when combined with excessive bombing and bug treatment, you can get rid of them altogether. Every situation is different and different measures must be taken to get rid of them. The more junk you have lying around, the more placed the bed bugs have to hide. Do not give them the advantage, take away their hiding spots, kill them with heat, and then kill them with bombs and pesticides, use every method that you know about, do it. This is once and for all, how to kill bed bugs, and once they are gone, be very careful not to invite them back into your house.

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